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As part of the French presidency of the Amsterdam Declarations’ Partnership and under Minister Bérangère Abba presidency, Canopée and Rainforest Foundation Norway are organizing a roundtable on the stakes of leather and deforestation.

When ? In December 15th 2021, from 4:30pm to 6:30pm CET.

Where ? At the Ecological Transition Ministry in Paris and via visio (further information will be sent soon)

Why ? The first cause of deforestation in Amazonia is cattle ranching. While meat is mainly consumed locally, 80% of the leather production is exported. Europe, through it’s big car and fashion industries, is the second importer of Brasilian leather. Last November the European Commission has published a draft bill concerning imported deforestation, giving an opportunity for Europe to fight against the consequences of Brasilian’s cattle breeding.

What ? Join us to understand and share ideas about the consequences of cattle ranching on deforestation and local communities, about the stakes of traceability and transparency, about Europe’s responsibility and about the importance of a regulation.

Program (subject to change)

  • Presentation of the European Commission’s draft bill – Fern
  • The deforestation problem of the Brazilian cattle industry – André Campos – Reporter Brazil
  • Cattle ranching’s impact on Brasilian communities – Leidiane Pias Dias – Xingu’s Pastoral Land Commission
  • Key issue of leather’s traceability – Nathalie Walker – National Wildlife Federation
  • European’s contribution to deforestation related to leather: Italy’s case – Aynur Mammadova – Padova’s University
  • Case study of fashion companies’ responsability – Stand.Earth
  • Private sector’s response – Investor/Financial sector – IPDD
  • Private sector’s initiatives – Consumer Good Forum
  • Conclusion – Bérangère Abba – Biodiversity’s Secretary of State


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